Pakipoint OÜ provides Logistics and Order Fulfilment services for e-commerce since January 2015. We are able to provide all services e-commerce needs to deliver sold goods. To our knowledge there is no other company in nearby markets that provides such spectre of Order Fulfilment services for e-shops as we do.

During the 3 years of operation our service has been in constant improvement and development. We started with simple warehousing and packing services for a single client – Cherry Media that was one of the biggest e-shops in Baltics at the time. When their volumes diminished we managed to adopt quickly and provide value to every e-shop, at the same time constantly learning the market actual needs. Over the time we have regularly provided new value with our service:

  • International courier contracts and expansion of available courier services
  • Integrations with e-commerce platforms and courier companies free of charge
  • Solutions for e-shops that keep stock itself
  • Search of best courier service for each parcel 
  • Search for nearest pickup points and parcel machines to the customer's address
  • Shipping selection module directly to Magento and WooCommerce stores Checkout
  • service for private persons and SME clients
  • Rent of our warehousing and pick&pack software


Today we have about 40 regular clients and counting. Our clients belong broadly speaking to two group:

  • Most use full service. They keep goods in our warehouse, have integrated the e-shop with our service and therefore also with couriers. When purchase is made in e-shop, then we promptly pick&pack the items in order and ship the parcel the same day. It’s full scope “hands free” service for a merchant who does not need or want to see their goods at all 
  • Others are the merchants that need to keep their own stock. For instance if they have production facilities or retail outlets. They use our service to access many courier services and shipping labels easily and quickly and without investing itself to integrations or make contracts. First we provide them best international courier rates, better than local couriers do. On the other hand we provide convenience to administrate all the couriers, statuses and trackings at the same site.

The company was founded by Alar Ehandi. Alar was previously involved in e-commerce himself and had a close look at the problems and issues Estonian e-shops had in physical goods handling. Typical e-shop has rather different needs for logistic services and shipment information handling in comparison to regular retail- or wholesale merchant. Therefore regular logistics companies cannot fulfil the needs and we filled the gap in market.

We are passionate to learn and evolve. We listen carefully and derive to find solution for each logistics and shipping problem e-shops have. Please contact us , let’s see how we could together make your shipping and logistics hassle easier, faster, cheaper and without mistakes.


Alar Ehandi

Alar Ehandi

founder, CEO

Joke Sild

Joke Sild

warehouse manager


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