Logistics full srevices for e-shops


We aspire to resolve all logistics concerns of e-shops. We are able to provide all Order Fulfilment services that the merchant must carry out to deliver the products ordered.

We have broadly speaking two kind of clients:

Most e-shops use full range of services. For them, we store goods in our warehouse, pick and pack orders, provide courier services with our contracts, find most suitable delivery solution for each package, generate and print shipping labels.
Less clients hold their own stock, but use our courier contracts, search for the best courier option for parcels, makes and prints shipping labels and tracks the parcels.
In both cases, we usually integrate the e-shop with our proprietary service so that no one should manually enter any orders or product information. Although there is a possible to enter orders manually directly into our system, for instance wholesale orders.

We have a very clear and transparent pricing. We do not ask for a start-up fee or monthly fee. Billing is monthly by  actually provided services and warehouse work.

Cheapest courier services


We have contracts with following couriers:

Omniva, SmartPOST, DPD, DHL, Postnorth, Matkahuolto and Asendia.









We are able to offer the cheapest rates from Estonia to Europe, as we have direct injection deals with DHL in Germany, with Postnord in Sweden and with Matkahuolto in Finland.

In Estonia we offer similar rates as couriers provide, so if you do not have major discounts then it’s more convenient to send parcels with our contracts.

Another major advantage apart from the best shipping rates, it the simplicity and convenience to create and monitor all the couriers shipping labels in one page, to print them together and in same size paper. No need to log in to various courier’s services and print labels in different format papers.

Our courier prices depends on the shipping volume. The pricelist for medium-sized customers is here: Check our shipping rates

Logistika täislahendus


We provide all warehousing, picking&packing services that an e-shop might needs. Services include:

Goods reception, counting and checking compliance with packing list;

Storing goods into warehouse. Or directing backend sales straight to packaging. Online stock overview, Reports of stock quantities and movement.

Storage of goods;

Picking of orders;

packing of orders, including various packing materials;

Generation, printing and adding shipping labels. If applicable then printing other shipping documents and export declarations.

Added-value warehouse services on hourly rate basis.

We use own proprietary software developed specifically for the picking&packing of complicated small orders. Last year we packed over 30,000 parcels in our stock and we did NONE picking errors.

We are very flexible. We are able to manage regular stock sales, backorder sales, where orders come before, and goods later, and also combinations of them, in which part of the item is in stock and the part arrives at a later date. Storage is billed flexibly by shipping address and by day.

We will pack the goods according to the wishes of the customer and according to the rules of the courier companies, that goods will not suffer in transportation.

The cost of storage, assembly, packaging, sorting and dispatching (without courier service) depends on many factors, such as the number of products in parcel, the size of the product, the length of storage, etc. but it is between 0.25-0.85 euro per product.

We also have an organic food storage certificate and we provide full service to a range of eco food and natural cosmetics brands.

couriers integration swiftly


Our service also acts as an integration platform.

We connect e-shops that work on the Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shoproller and Shopify platforms with our service easily, fast and free of charge.

Using our software instantly provides you the integration with courier companies Omniva, SmartPost, DPD, DHL, Postnord, Matkahuolto and Asendia.

We also have easy but powerful SOAP2 JSON APIs to connect other webshops. Please checkthe documentation.

If you use also other courier services, then it is possible to upload their shipping labels in PDF format to our service, so that they can be automatically used while packing.

e-shop checkout shipping module


NEW! We have created a CHECKOUD SHIPPING MODULE for MAGENTO and WOOCOMMERCE platforms, that solves the entire shipping setup hassle with ease.

Our service searches for the closest pickup points to the customer according to the address and displays them as a list and revolutionally also on the map.
The merchant chooses which couriers and services he wants to provide. Then the client is offered only a short list of nearby delivery points over selected courier services together, which makes the selection very easy. There is no need to choose first courier company, and then suitable delivery point form very long list of list.

E-shop owners and developer are now able to solve the entire shipping selection in Checkout at no cost and in ½ hour. There is no need to worry about lists of pickup point, integrations with couriers or setting up courier service prices at e-shop. 

Pakipoint shiping module

Please try out the module at checkoutdemo.pakipoint.ee.

The module is used for example by www.sangar.ee. Many stores are testing it and should start using soon. Feedback from merchants has been very positive wow-effect. 

The cheapest courier services


Our service allows to administrate at same page together all parcels and shipping labels going to different couriers.

If your e-shop is integrated and an order is made, then it will be transferred to our service, then we can provide you several features:

Seek for the cheapest delivery option for the order;

Provide nearest pickup points and parcel machines to the customer's address.

Automatically generate export declarations for export sales. 

When you keep your stock and make packing yourself, then you can conveniently generate and print shipping labels in bulk or one-by-one. 

Tracking and statuses of all your parcels on the same page, regardless of used courier 

To generate return shipping labels for returns within EU

We can also automatically make the shipping labels and send back to your e-shop from where you print them, i.e. our service works hidden in a background.

The shipping labels can be done either with your own, or with our courier contracts.



We made for private individuals and SMEs who need to send parcel abroad the easiest, most convenient and cheapest courier service in the web and comparison of all courier prices at parcelfellows.com.

On the parcelfellows.com front page, you can enter the destination and weight of your parcel and we will instantly display you our price and other local couriers’ prices. If our price sound suitable, you can immediately and very easily send your package with us.

Register your parcel, pay and we will give you the Omniva parcel machine doorcode. Take your parcel to any Omniva parcel machine, it reaches us the next day and then we ship it internationally with selected courier.

Within Europe the delivery takes about 5-10 business days. Learn more at parcelfellows.com  service page.